Monday, May 4, 2009

Marathon Training - Day 65

Monday, May 4, 2009: Since the gravel road is a little easier on the legs, I decided to repeat the run up Sherman Road to the Lupine Meadows gate. It was a sunny day today with the kind of clouds you can imagine to be bunnies, bears, and just about anything you want to think of as you watch them cross the sky. The temperature was nearly perfect for the run: cool enough not to overheat terribly, but warm enough to know I was working hard during the uphill sections. My run was during the middle of the day, just crossing over the noon time hour as I returned to the ranch. My wife had a riding lesson in progress, so I watched that a bit, changed from my running stuff to ranch clothes, and walked back down to the arena with the dogs to video some of the training. Running log information: 8.1 miles; 3:1 gravel vs blacktop mix.

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