Saturday, May 2, 2009

Marathon Training - One Day at a Time (May 2009)

Saturday, May 2, 2009: (Day 63) Another day in the sun in NW Montana. I geared up a little earlier and was out for a morning run around 10:30 AM or so (not exactly getting the worms, though). The temperature was again near perfect for running (and actually a bit warm with long sleeve apparel). I took a garbage bag with today to pickup the piled cans and bottles from the last couple of outings up the 3+ miles to the end of the blacktop. By the time I reached the last one-half mile, it was all walking, since I didn't anticipate picking up quite so much new debris. I left the bag at the turnaround (to be collected later) and ran the downhill three miles a lot lighter than I was at the top of the hill. The brown mix horse I've named Pepper was again out in her pasture. In addition, the hill north of the running route now has the summer herd grazing the hillside meadows and woods. Running log summary: Run/(walk) combination: 6.158 miles; Can, bottle, and debris collection: one FULL bag (25-30 pounds of stuff!).

Friday, May 1, 2009: (Day 62) Today was a great sunny day around the area here in NW Montana. I did a number of ranch chores and other activities (even installed a new 'cat door' so the growing kittens can access the whole world now). I toyed with the idea of skipping the run today and doing a bike ride instead, but, late in the afternoon, after checking my mileage log VS my training schedule, I decided doing a quick 4-miler would be the right thing to do. My route was on the blacktop for the first mile and then just a run up Sherman Road for a mile. It was a good run and I was able to do a little faster return even while still a little tired after the 15-miler yesterday. Running log for today: 4.024 miles ... half on blacktop, half on gravel ... comfortable sunny running conditions.

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