Saturday, June 19, 2010

Marathon Training ... Epilog

Saturday, June 19, 2010
Marathon Day ... but I am not running it

Today is the running of Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota. For the last five years, and for a total of 24 Grandma's Marathons, I had been there. Not this year. Sometime between the forming of the training plan in late January and today, I changed my mind. It has left me a little depressed as I think about not reaching my goal this time.

There were any of a number of reasons/excuses: weather, cost, my training level, time away from the ranch, and so on, the list could grow. I think the biggest single factor at this point was my mental desire to do the run. While it is true, all of the factors being considered are important, it basically came down to that single fact. I usually like running for the most part. But as I was getting into the long runs early in this training plan (12, 14, 16) I noticed I did not have the mental drive needed to just keep jogging along, and I was walking for a good part of the training. Taking that into consideration, I concluded that I'd probably be walking too much of the marathon and it would take over 5-hours again. As a result, I pretty much scratched "Grandmas" off of the plan sometime in early May (as can be seen by the reduction in training run distances). By late May, I even stopped blogging my running training. I might go back through my logs and add some entries for the training I was doing, but I know the miles were not being run, and I had even quit updating my Training Plan/Mileage Log spreadsheet. (I'll probably update that though, too, just to see how far off I was from the plan.)

So, this entry is posted as an epilog to my 2010 Marathon Training blogs. As is true for most personal journals and diaries, this will likely be unread, but it just needed to be written here to clear my mind and conclude the blog regarding this marathon.

Update: Saturday, June 19, 2010
Whimpering time is over ... I went out for a run!

After writing the above summary earlier today, I decided to lace on the running shoes and go out for a run, after-all. It was a sunny, dry, and warm day with the temperature in the low 70's. The run turned out to be longer than I was planning as everything just felt good. Also, the scenery was great with cattle along the way up Sherman Road, interesting flora and fauna along the road, and great views across the green meadows to Blacktail Mountain and the Swan Range (both had visible coating of new snow from the rain/snow activity that took place over the last couple of days. So, although it wasn't a marathon, it was a good 8-mile run. (Plus, I saved about $800 to $1000 that I would have spent on air-fare, car rental, hotels, and food and beverages! (So, I think I'll buy another new camera! ... P.S. Later still ... I did!)

Let the log show: 8.008 miles in 1:29:08 (So, a marathon would have taken about 4 hrs and 50 minutes if I could have held the pace for +3x of today's distance).

Monday, May 31, 2010

Changing the Target again ... Summary to Follow

Monday, May 31, 2010
Not sure whether a marathon will be run this summer ... so, some changes in the running plan will take place, again

o Cancelled on doing Grandma's Marathon (unless really inexpensive airfares show up in the next two weeks)
o Uncertain on whether to run the Missoula Marathon (July 11th) ... maybe
o Signed up for some events in the Montana Senior Olympics ... (but no marathon there)

--> So, a revision of the training plan will take place
--> (Plus, the weather has been really quite poor and my running enthusiasm is low)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Quick Run ... Out and Back!

Friday, May 21, 2010
It's hoped the quick runs can make me a little faster ... if only for a little while>

Today I just did a quick run down the road to Kelly Rae's and back. It was nothing too special. Just down the road and back again. I hope to be able to get just a little faster again by pressing harder on the short runs. It should help!

Mileage: 3.257 miles Time: 32:57

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Against the Wind ... and ... Running with the Wind

Thursday, May 20, 2010
Going up the hill against the strong wind meant a return with the wind (as long as it didn't change ... sometimes it does)

A lot of wind blew through overnight. Today, some of that lingering wind continued to blow through for much of the day. When I went out for my run, it was up the hill and against the wind. Not always a favorite combination. It reminded me (of a song, of course) but also of a marathon I ran many years ago. I did a marathon called the Un-Boston marathon (probably in 1983 or so). It was on a repeating loop, flat, boring, and windy course that meant running against the wind for half of the repeating loop (four stinking 6+-milers!). Well, today was that kind of windy day. But the run up the hill actually wasn't too bad since most of the uphill section is sheltered by a combination of trees and embankments. I ran the uphill all of the way (slowly sometimes) and turned around at the gate like I have been doing for my repeating eight-milers. The run down was quite nice with a sunshine and cloud mix. During the last mile the wind helped push me down the last section of road and back to the ranch. It was a good run!

Mileage: 8.00 miles Time: 1:27:00

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Changing the Target ... Changes the Workout

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Instead of a June marathon, it looks like some Senior Olympics Events

Unless some exceptional "airfare wars" take place over the next month, my new plan is to do some events in the Senior Olympics around mid-June instead of running the marathon. As a result, I modified my already modified training plan (not officially, just in my mind so far) and in addition to the alternate run/bike plan, I added a shorter, but faster run to the training today.

This was just a quick out and back 2-miler! It wasn't actually all that quick, but I did the run just after returning from a 13 mile bike ride. It was a good run, and fit into the day quite well.

Mileage log: 2.0 miles Time: 20:50

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back out there Running ... No Rollover Today!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Tip: When biking through a ditch, do not press with all your strength if you are in a low gear!

There was a little soreness in my system as I began my run today.

Yesterday's cross-training bike ride had a little event during the early part of the ride. There is a ditch to drift through just after crossing the highway. While going through it, I shifted down into the lowest gear so that I would be peddling easily as I climbed the bank. Well, I overdid the pressure and did a flip-over wheelie and ended up on my back with my feet still clipped into the pedals. Luckily, I was riding the Bike Friday (20" wheels and not very heavy - on second thought, that's probably why the wheelie happened, too) and, with a little help from Patti got back on the road again.

So, with some aches from the rollover, I started my eight miler today. It was a bit warm but a nice running temperature. Some clouds had developed after starting out totally clear earlier in the day. For some reason, the small GPS went a little crazy again and gave me credit for more miles than I actually was running (and a great best pace time, too) but that didn't count! The run was good though, and with some animals and old farm equipment to cheer me on, I did the out and up and return and down in good spirits!

Mileage: 8.00 -- Time: 1:28:30

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recovery was Quick ... No Stinky Run, Today!

Sunday, May 15, 2010
I did slow down though for a skunk crossing the road ahead of me

Another week begins and the training continues. Since I haven't been doing the single long run, I've had to break my training plan a bit and do back-to-back runs instead of the every-other-day routine outlined in the training plan. This bunches up 3 or 4 runs in a row for the end of one week and the beginning of the next. With the completion of today's run, I'll probably take a day off from running tomorrow. (Good thing, too, I've gotten pretty tired with the last couple of runs and actually went down for an afternoon nap the last two days).

Today was a repeat of the out, up, and back eight mile run beginning with the stretch up Batavia Lane to Sherman Road and up the road to a gate. Yesterday, most of this was a jog/walk combination resulting in the six miles I managed to complete taking as long as the usual full eight miles. I was able to run all of the way today (with the exception of the skunk slowdown) and finished the run in less than 90 minutes.

It was a totally clear day (during the run ... now it is cloudy as I write this) with light wind and mild temperatures (mid to upper 60's; actually kind of "hot" after running on much cooler days most of this spring).

Overall, the run was uneventful and I felt good during and after the run. (Just drop asleep tired later in the afternoon).

Mileage log: 8.253 miles ?? (GPS might have gotten ahead of itself on this one, but, I'll take it!) -- Time: 1:29:16 (no watch stopping for the skunk crossing)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Flat during Cross Training Bike Ride ... Flat Run Followed

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Tired tire and Tired when Running, too

The morning cross training ride had already been cut short. Then, during the return part of the ride, my bike developed a flat. The only tube I had was for a 27" thin tire. Not a good match for my 26". Plus, the tire bead would not seat, etc. etc. Luckily, Patti rode back to the ranch and got the truck. So, end of bike ride with 10.5 miles out of a planned 16 or so.

Around the middle of the day, I decided to do my run for the day instead of doing lunch. That might have been a mistake since just about a mile into the run I just didn't feel like running anymore. I stopped for a short time to adjust a shoe/sock combination that seemed to be rubbing on my ankle. After the adjustment I continued jogging up the road. The plan was to do a repeat of the 8-mile runs. But, while trading off jog/walk combinations I decided to turn around just after the 3-mile mark when thunder was heard and I thought I'd just be running uphill into a rain/thunder event. The return trip was slow, too, with my body/mind system just not getting it together for much running. At least the cabin near Sherman Pond looked good, even though my running didn't!

It was just a flat tired training day!

Mileage log: 6.366 miles ... Time: NA - mostly walking so it was not important.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Warmer Weather and a Faster Run

Friday, May 14, 2010
Trying to keep up on the training plan ... even without doing a long run ... it just means running more often!

o Running/jogging the whole way, except for the occasional photo
o Up the hill again to touch the gate
o Sunny and warmer conditions; actually beginning to sweat a little!
o Full eight up and back with good time

-- Mileage log : 8.00 (GPS lost signal for a bit) : Time: 1:25:00!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Late ... And Just another Eight -- A Fine Run

Thursday, May 13, 2010
I am still out there every other day (or more) doing the run ... just not feeling the 'Eye of the Tiger' in doing a marathon, though

Mid afternoon start

o Batavia to Lupine Meadows gate ... and back down the road again
o Nothing special -- stop at a stump for a photo; chat with the Carrs
o Horse riders crossing the road as I returned to the ranch

-- Mileage log : 8.199 miles ... hard to tell the pace; since I chatted on the return run

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Undecided on Race Plans but still doing Eights

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Originally planning to run a marathon in Duluth in June ... may not ... Maybe I'll run the Missoula Marathon in early July, instead

Quick Bullets (Plus, Today about 8 gophers got the bullets, too)

o Doing the standard 8 - Batavia to Sherman touch the gate and back down the hill
o Sunny and warm as I ran the start of the route
o Cloudy and cool as I returned
o Trucks and cattle ... that was about it

-- Mileage Log : 8.00 miles in 1:27:21! Not bad!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Eight Just for the Run of It!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

It was already after noon before I started up Batavia Lane to Sherman Road. (Just a lazy Sunday morning before that and I wanted to run before eating lunch). The clouds were mixing it up in the sky with interesting weather in the area. The wind picked up and the air had some scattered rain in it as I headed up Sherman Road. I didn't actually run in any rainfall, but it was close, as the turnaround area was soaked when I finished the uphill climb. The return downhill was fairly fast, and I was on target for another round-trip in less than 90 minutes. However, as I got back to the blacktop a herd of horses at the Glazier Ranch were running and kicking up their heels. So I stopped for a couple of minutes while taking some photographs and video as they ran by and climbed the hills.

-- Mileage log : 8.199 -- 1:33:54

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Shoes ... Sunshine ... and a Good Quick Run

Friday, May 7, 2010
Going up the hill for the third eight in a row

The forecast for this morning was for record low temperatures. That didn't quite happen with some overnight cloud cover. There was still some light frost on some surfaces, but not a record low. (Yesterday morning was actually a couple of degrees colder!)

At the time of the run today, there was a mix of clouds and sun. This was an improvement after the cloudy conditions of Wednesday and the rain and snow mix that took place during Monday's run). Today was mostly sunny with a nearly ideal running temperature.

The training course was a repeat of the run up Sherman Road to the Lupine Meadows gate. Maybe it was the new Nike shoes, maybe it was the favorable running conditions, or maybe I'm just getting in better condition. In any case, it was the best running time for the route with the 8.037 miles completed in 1:27:30! (No record setter. I once ran a half marathon in about the same amount of time; but, I was somewhat (much!?) younger then!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Double Up on the Crazy 8 Runs

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

(Second eight mile run) ... more to follow

-- Mileage log : 8.115 miles

Monday, May 3, 2010
Misty clouds, light rain, and steady rain; all in today's run

The weather did not look that good, right from the start, today. However, with not doing a long run for over a week, I decided I'd go out on one of my legacy training runs up Batavia Lane to Sherman Road and then up Sherman Road to the gate. This run has been my standard out, up, and back run for a couple of years. My normal training plan leveled out with the eight-miler being the base run once training had worked through 3-3's, 4-4's, 5-5's, etc. until finishing with 8 runs of 8 miles. (Usually with a day off somewhere, just to take a break). Once the 8-miler routine was completed, I'd normally modify the training routine slightly by doing 4 eight mile runs followed by increasingly longer runs for one day in the training week (10, 12, 14, etc.) until doing either 16 or 18 miles as the long run of the week. This year, with the modified alternating: running/biking plan, the runs have been somewhat different. In any case, this route became the crazy 8 run in my mind; since it seemed crazy to run 8 miles all the time; and, because the route loops through a couple of switch backs, almost feeling like running loops made up of 8's,

Today, it was cloudy with low clouds and mist when I started the run. Conditions did not improve, in fact, they deteriorated during the course of the course (of course) and steady rain was falling by the time I reached the turnaround gate. There was no decrease in the rainfall during the downhill return run either. Streams of running water flowed down the road with me as I did the three-mile downhill on the gravel road. The last mile on the blacktop was wet and shiny with the steady raindrops making small splash patterns on the roadway during the return to the ranch. When it was all said and done, I completed the run in pretty good time, actually breaking the hour-and-a-half time for the first time this year on the eight-miler!

It was nice to get back under a roof, though. And after a cool-down 10-minute spin on the indoor Nordic Cycle, I showered and put on warm sweats for a short afternoon nap!

-- Mileage log : 8.161 miles; Time 1:29:18

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Running ... Late, but on the Road Anyway

Saturday, May 1, 2010

For whatever the reason, it seemed to take until almost the end of the day today before I decided to lace on the running shoes and get out there. The day was quite a mix of sun and clouds. There were showers moving through the the area from time to time. So, with all of that going on, I almost was going to just forget about going for a run any time today. But, early in the evening, I decided to just get out there and run.

I headed down Batavia Lane and decided to turn on Managhan and head for the bike trail. Getting to the trail was a fine two mile run without much going on. While I was running on the trail, I noticed the hills to the north has some low clouds hanging over them. The run on the trail was for about an mile and a half with a turn toward the clouds and showers as I headed passed Parson's Tractor and up Marquardt Lane. This is the road with the stone castle next to it. Also, there are some large fields along the road that hold a combination of old farm equipment and cattle. Tonight, some of the cattle were close to the road and some of the young ones were hanging out in some of the machinery.

The threatening showers kind of split up as I ran the mile plus to get to Kienas Road. Over the south hills, the clouds billowed a bit as the showers passed by without getting me wet and the sun lit up the evening sky over the hills. It ended up being a good run (not particularly fast) but a good evening outing just the same. During the last section of the run, just before getting back to the ranch, the Longhorns watched as a jogged passed.

-- Mileage log : 6.842 miles

Friday, April 30, 2010

A Good Weather Day for doing the Hill Climb Eight Run

Friday, April 30, 2010
Up the hill to fetch nothing except exercise

o Batavia to Sherman Road
o Up, up, up to the gate ... GPS showed 4027' at the top ... 3300' at the ranch
o No snow at the turnaround, but new snow on Blacktail Mountain and the west hills toward Ashley Lake
o Neighborly chat on the return run; good running except for that

-- Mileage log: 8.066 miles ... GPS showed 8.42 counting the return to the ranch and leading horses back from the grazing pastures

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weather changes and Whether to Run or Not?

Thursday, April 29, 2010
If things never changed nothing would ever happen!

The warm and even record temperatures of last week have given way to conditions that average everything out. Way too fast, it would seem! As a result, I have dropped out of my running/biking plan for the last few days. Cool temperatures, and intermittent light rain, along with some windy periods have kept me indoors for the most part.

Partial running summary (I'll have to check my logbook later)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Double GPS with a new device to check out ... weather resistant at that! Good thing!

I managed to horn in a run during light rain with a jog down Batavia Lane to Kienas Road and Marquardt Drive.
I ran passed 'castles in the rain' and crossed a couple of bridges in a six-plus miler. It was a nice short outing after the long run that I did on Sunday.

o Mileage log : 6.1 miles (both the GPS watch and Garmin 10 pretty much agreed on this)
o Walk/jog across neighboring farm and through the pastures
o Wet and cool

Sunday, April 25, 2010
Only eight months until Christmas ... shop/run until you drop (or walk)

Bullet points:

o Up and over the pass to Ashley Lake
o More walking/jogging than actually running!
o Views of the lake

o Nice temperature for the long trek
o Gathered more than 15 piles of 4-or-more cans or bottles

- Mileage log : Approximate 15.1 miles (GPS unit lost signal from time to time)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I was just about ready to do a run around 4:00 P.M., but, the break from scattered showers looked like it was going away soon. So, I just made it to the top of the first turn; saw the hills to the west turning white with blowing rain (almost like snow); turned around and ran back to the ranch. While I was in changing from my running gear back to 'ranch clothes' a huge gust of wind swept through the fields and flipped over two of the horse shelters! It would not have been a pleasant run!

o Running log: 0.34 miles ... not really a run at all

Friday, April 23, 2010
Late day run to give a two day total of 14 miles... but it was worth the wait for the nice conditions

was my second running up Batavia to Sherman Road over the last couple of days. Yesterday the run was all of the way to the Lupine Meadows gate, today I turned around at the three mile mark. It was a good late afternoon run with nice temperatures and mostly clear sky conditions.

o Mileage log : 6.1 miles

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cool Down and Up the Hill I Ran

Thursday, April 22, 2010
After 2 days of record high temperatures cool running returned


o Up Batavia to Sherman Road once more I go
o Able to run until after the 3 mile mark where the real hill climb begins
o Alternated jog/walk for the last uphill mile

o After about a 1000' increase since leaving the ranch, I turned around at the Lupine Meadows gate
o Still some snow near the turnaround at 4000'
o Good steady run down the gravel road and on to the last mile back to the start

-- Mileage log: 8.07 miles ... average pace 11:37 - best pace 6:24 (nice downhill stretch!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Record Temperatures ... No Record Running Pace

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Deciding to run late in the afternoon meant high temperature and low running speed

It was just the second full day of sunshine and it produced a record high temperature for NW Montana. Since I did a cross training bike ride just before lunch, I didn't get out for a run until later in the afternoon.

(Bullet Points)

o Sunny warm day
o Decided to run up Batavia Lane to Sherman Road
o Did some walking early on during the Sherman uphill jog
o Alternated run/walk for the last mile or so of the uphill to the turnaround

o Some pauses along the downhill on Sherman Road to photograph the Carr farm, farm animals, and "Oreo" the dog (first time that I have seen Oreo this year!)

o Ran/jogged most of the return trip until the last 1/2 mile or so
o Picked up cans during the last 1/2 mile

-- Gps quit for some time, but the log should be ~ 7.2 miles for the day

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Six Days on the Road (Running), and I'm Gonna Get Home to Rest!

Sunday, April 18, 2010
Six Days on the Road (Running), and I'm Gonna Get Home to Rest!

Highlights of the last six days of training runs ...

o Since I took the 'Spring Break' from running last week and into early this week, I needed to string several days together instead of doing my run/bike alternating routine. Today made six days straight to get back in sync with my training plan.

o A good run up Batavia to Sherman Road
o Nice images of the farm above Glazier's
o Overview images looking toward Blacktail Mountain (still some snow there)
o Horses grazing at the original Glazier Ranch

o Good run with no walking (much better than some of the runs this week)

-- Mileage log: 6.233 miles

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Finishing some consecutive runs to end the week

Batavia to Managhan
o Managhan to trail
o Horse riders on trail (while I was on a walking break)
o Jog/Slog the rest of the way back to the ranch via Batavia ... slowly!

-- Mileage log 5.15

Friday, April 16, 2010
Down to the Castle, Trail, and Managhan Cans & Horse Talk

o Batavia to Kienas (Longhorns along Batavia)
o Kienas to Marquardt
o Marquardt to the trail
o Trail west to Managhan
o Walk/can pickup/small talk with horse friends

o Jog back up Batavia and through the pasture to chat with the horses

-- Running log total 6.63

Thursday, April 15, 2010
Running in Search of the last of Winter

o Up Batavia Lane passed Sherman and onward

o Onward after the blacktop ended
o Onward after passing Garrison Inn
(Some light snow still on the ground there)
o Onward until the Ashley Lake trail cutoff just after the crest
(Snowmelt runnoff there along the edge of the road)
o (umm, mostly walking from about 2.5 miles to the top of the hill
o Gathered some cans and bottles into piles (lots less than last year)
o Met a walker coming up the hill as I was going down
o Mostly running during the downhill

-- Mileage log 9.1 miles (estimated ... the GPS battery died just after 2 miles)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just the Running Facts!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Just a short run: Fiver Loop

Kind of a cloudy, damp, and cool day with snow visible on the higher hills around the area. Not a very fast run since this was the second day back into running after a break in the routine. I have not been running on consecutive days (cross-training with biking, instead) so I didn't want to overdo the run today with another long run.

o Down Batavia Lane
o Right at the bike trail after crossing Highway 2
o A couple of creek crossings

o Right on Managhan
o Left on Batavia Lane and back to the ranch

o Some can pick-up during the last quarter mile (walk)

- Mile Log: 5.022

Run, Run, in the Snow and Rain, Dear

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The allowed 'spring (non-running) break' expired today. I needed to get back 'on the road again' regardless of the conditions. It was snowing lightly beginning early in the morning and it appeared the condition would continue into the foreseeable future. If the temperature did increase slightly, the best that could be expected was a cold rain. So, with those environmental conditions in mind I needed to decide between running on the treadmill or running in the snow.

There were no large pellets of ice in the falling precipitation, and that seemed good. I did wear my clear-view/yellow lens safety glasses; at least for the first mile; at which point they were so covered with wet blotches that seeing through them was a non-starter. So, the run continued up the blacktop without the glasses. In a couple of places along the route, deer bounded over the meadow fence, crossed the road, and bounded over the fence on the opposite side. They looked at me as though to say, 'is that guy crazy!? the only reason we're out here is because we have to live in the woods!!', I didn't answer back, at least not loud enough that they could hear me; not through the wind and blowing snow, and rain, anyhow!

Six miles was the target for the run today. I didn't even think about running up the gravel road. It looked more like a sliding quicksand stream to me when I jogged passed the turnoff. I continued up the blacktop, totally refreshed as through in a nice cool shower (kind of, anyway, I was soaked).
I didn't see any other runners. I didn't see any other exercisers of any kind, in fact. That is, until just before the blacktop ended. There, I met a woman who was being walked by four black and white dogs (some kind of terriers, I think, maybe). She said they got kind of soaked, too. It looked like it! I felt better! Since it was not a terrific day for small talk the chat ended soon and I continued another few hundred yards to the end of the blacktop/white-top. There was enough snow accumulating at the higher elevation near the turnaround that the road turned to all snow just as the blacktop ended. I walked up another hundred yards or so to see how the gravel road was: pretty soft and muddy was the answer. So, at that point, I turned around and began the faster (but still wet) return to the ranch.

The distant tree lines were invisible in the continuing snow/rain mix.
As I passed a small group of horses, I noticed they were standing under the overhang of some evergreen trees to stay out of the snow. I could swear I saw their mouths moving as I jogged by, but I wasn't close enough to read their lips or hear what they were saying; I could only imagine that it was something like 'why are you out running in the snow and rain, dear?'; who knows? If they had been cows I would have known that they weren't actually talking, since cows chew their cud; these were horses though, so I knew they were talking about me!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break (from running) in NW Montana

Thursday, April 8th -- Monday, April 12, 2010
A Pause in the Running Training Routine

Monday, April 12, 2010
.... Rest Day ....

Sunday, April 11, 2010
Mostly a day of rest and some time spent to process the images from yesterday ... Just a 4-mile bike late in the afternoon

Saturday, April 10, 2010
Scenes at Lake McDonald and Biking the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park

Also, see at facebook or at WeatherUnderground

Friday, April 9, 2010
Driving trip to Glacier National Park (no images taken as it was a blustery day and we didn't do much 'out of vehicle' hiking). Plus, a quick tour of Hungry Horse Dam

Hungry Horse Dam Video

Thursday, April 8, 2010
This should have been a running day ... but the snow squalls kept me looking out from the inside (Begin Spring Break!)

Changing Scene throughout the Day

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Late Day Run after Waiting Out the Snow Squalls

Tuesday, April 6, 2010
I would have Run in the Snow Pellets to Avoid another Treadmill Workout

Bullets ... to be filled in later

o Morning cross-training bike ride (some wind and cold conditions)
o Sun/Cloud/Snow-squall mix all afternoon
o Considered not running at all ... just take a run-off day
o Out late afternoon between squalls
o Batavia to Sherman Road
o Up the wet sometimes muddy road for two miles
o Discussion with neighbors on return trip down the hill
o Good feeling pace on the last mile (best pace 7:34) Nice!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Running Plan and Updated Log

Monday, April 5, 2010
Cross Training Day ... And Catchup on the logs (Just the Facts, for now!)

The Running Plan (click image to enlarge)

The Running Log (click image to enlarge)

Sunday, April 4, 2010
No Rabbit Run ... More Like a Turtle! (on Easter Sunday)

Technical Run Highlights
o Up trail
o Danielson to Managhan
o Bike trail to Phanco Lane
o Phanco to Smith Lake Road
o Smith Lake Road to Whalebone Drive
o Whalebone Drive to Dern Road
o Trail back to Batavia Lane
o Batavia back to ranch

- Mixed sun/wind/clouds/cold at times
- Dead skeleton
- Buffalo Mountain Conrad Ranch (Check side story connections)
- Whalebone on Whalebone
- Skunk on Dern
- Some walking after 8 miles jog/walk combo
- Walk across pasture to greet horses

-- Mileage Log: 11.5 miles

--> Photos - Weather at start; Animals or not; Buffalo Mountain; Whalebone

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Is a Treadmill Truly a Dreadmill?

Technical Run Highlights
o Seemed like a good idea due to blustery weather
o Arena temp about 42, so dressed for outdoor running
o Wanted to do 6 miles so set the speed to 6.5 to get it done in under an hour
o Attempt without holding ended after 1 mile (in order to check heart rate)
o Mostly held on for my life for the remaining 5 miles
o Not likely to do more than an hour straight on this machine anytime soon ... would rather suffer the consequences of rain/sleet/snow and wind!
o Original workouts on the treadmill included 10-15 laps of arena in middle of the workout - I didn't do that this time - just did treadmill straight through. Mental note: The switch to running arena laps is a nice break from the treadmill straight through
o Pretty overheated after it was all said and done

-- Mileage Log: 6.0 miles

--> Photos: Treadmill stills

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Run a Good Run without the Slow Walk

Technical Run Highlights
o Trail to Danielson Road
o Danielson Road to Managhan Lane
o Managhan crossing Batavia to Kienas Road
o Kienas to a turnaround at the 3-mile barn

-- Mileage log: 6.1 miles

Photos --> Valley view to Swan Range
--> View to Blacktail Mountain from Kienas
--> Turnaround Barn

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Routine Running Routes Return

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After the long run outing of a couple of days ago, it was back into a routine running route mode today. The ongoing truck traffic was rolling bright and early today. And, even with a wild weather day that started with snow pellets turning into just snow, the 18+ wheelers continued to take up the main road. The decision to do a 'routine running route' today was therefore, pretty easy: "The Woods Trail" to somewhere that would add up to a six-miler. I had just done the Summit run last, last week, so I ran down the Danielson down-hill instead of going uphill to the Summit summit. It was quite nice with the wind at my back and sunshine off-and-on on my face. Last week, one of the alternate day bike rides had taken us (my wife bikes with me ... she isn't crazy enough to train for and run marathons, though) was down to the bike trail and taking a road that intersects with the trail to do a loop of Smith Lake on Smith Lake Road (of all names). The biking loop was actually between fifteen and sixteen miles. Since I only needed a six-miler to fill my log ticket for today, I knew I wouldn't run the full route and decided to just head out toward Smith Lake Road and turnaround when I reached the six-miler mid-point.
Shortly after I got to the bike trail, I jogged passed the new fire station. As I ran on, the increasing tailwind and decreasing sunlight on my face, should have been a clue for me, but no, it was the turnaround that brought the nasty reality slap. The hills and mountains to the south and west and all of the directions I needed to go to head back to the ranch were all pretty much obscured by a suspicious white cloudiness that was definitely not warm sunlight. Small white pellets were bouncing off of my sunglasses (like I needed them as protection from too bright a condition anymore). But, I did need the safety glasses in any case! Luckily, I was wearing a windbreaker and hadn't dashed away from the mostly sunny ranch wearing just a singlet today! I pulled the sleeves of the windbreaker down as far over my hands as I could pull them. It was still pretty cold. It was also a bit disconcerting to look to the north and east and see sunlight on the hills north of my usual main running road (an option I might have selected if the trucks would not have been rolling today!). Gusts of wind along with bursts of snow pellets continued until I was heading into the last stretch of Managhan Lane. Finally, the pellets stopped (but the wind did not) as I finished the 'home stretch' on Danielson Road. I planned to end the run just at the bottom of the hill as I did a week or so ago when I returned on this route. And, like that trek, I hiked in through the neighboring farm. There was a machine there I had taken s picture of last time that I wanted to see again. The sun had returned as a welcome replacement to the snow pellets. Also, since the farm is close to the woods, the wind was not as apparent.
I decided to walk through the unoccupied farm and take some photographs of the buildings that have often been in my 'daily walk' photos. There was also some additional farm equipment that I took pictures of. It was both interesting, and sad, to see what can happen to a farm when the live beings are not longer around to take care of it. I even found a dead animal among the buildings and equipment. I walked the rest of the way back to the ranch, thankful for my live being status and for the opportunity I have to care my ranch.

Oh, and let the running log show a good routine run route six-miler (if somewhat cold at times).

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hills in All Directions ... Up and Down I Run (or Walk)

Sunday, March 28, 2010
High Ho, High Ho ... Over the Hill I Go!

At least one run a week now is a break from the standard run of the week and is the longest run. Today, my training plan called for a ten-miler. I haven't been up and over the pass toward Ashley Lake since last year's training runs. So, today, it was up Batavia Lane / Ashley Lake Road route over the pass (about a 1000' elevation change). As has been the case for most of my runs this year, I did some walking for the uphill sections.
I almost felt like drafting a couple of horses to help me while I was climbing the hill. During the run, and especially during the walking portions I noticed there were fewer cans and bottles along the road than were around last year (I picked up 8 bags full last year). I did gather up some into a couple of three-per-pile groups for a possible later gathering.
Something new on this route since last year was a new access road going up into the wood. I might have to try that on a later run. I alternated walking and jogging as I crossed over the pass just after the Garrison Inn.

The downhill road in the areas just after the pass gave the first views this year of still frozen Ashley Lake.

I ran a downhill section after the pass until a turnaround point where some underground power junction has some boxes along the side of the road. After the turnaround, I walked for some of the uphill back to the pass. After that, it was a good run all of the way down the hills and back to the ranch.
(With just a quick stop to say hello to and take a picture of Pepper. Let the running log show a good 10.46 miler completed!

Friday, March 26, 2010
Again, Running for the summit, through the Summit Gate

Running out and back routes always means there is some uphill and downhill during the run, but when the run is over, all is in balance.
Today's run started with a walk up the woods trail as part of a dog walk. Patti and the dogs continued on the woods upper trail, while I headed out on the Dawson Trail road. I was undecided on the miles I wanted to run, so I just turned on Danielson Road to head out on the Summit route. Just after I completed the first mile, I stopped and talked to a neighbor at her place for a few minutes. After the chat I continued running up the road. This is when I decided to just do a five mile total. I stopped again, just briefly, to photograph some more old farm equipment that is along the road.
With all of the rest stops over for this training run I continued through the Summit Prep gates and up the hill. I did walk some on the uphill but with the extra rest stops I had taken, I decided to extend my mileage a bit further at the "T" where I had turned around on my previous trip up this route. It was high enough in this area that the road was wet with melting snow along the road. I turned around without quite going to the summit again. Just as I turned around I noticed a rock ridge to the north, not far from the road. Since I didn't want to take the time for exploring today,the rock ledge will be something to hike to during a later summit run. The run down the hill was without any rest or photo opportunity stops.

The running log for the day was just over five miles. It was another nicely balanced training run.