Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marathon Training - Day 85

Sunday, May 24, 2009: Another clear warm day in and around NW Montana. I had considered doing the run before breakfast and trying for a long 20 miler today. Instead, I did the breakfast stop first and legged it on down to the bike trail for a run into Kalispell. The trail was active with people; bikers, and even some runners. These are just about the first runners I've seen while out on a run myself (I have met and passed runners while doing the cross-training bike rides of the last three days). There had been just a very light sprinkle of rain overnight. That seemed to be enough to keep the humidity just a little high (for this area, anyway). Ignoring that, the conditions were great for my run. I ran the total distance into Kalispell (6.7 miles). However; on the return, I decided to alternate run and walk for the entire route. This meant it took a little longer, but, since I didn't take/drop any water bottles for use on the run, it was better to pace myself rather than burning out totally. As it turned out, I still felt pretty wasted by the time I got back home. I rested for a few minutes just lying on a dog pillow. I started to cool down too quickly and got up, had some more water, and then decided just to crash for a bit on the dog futons. About an hour later I awoke feeling well rested, had lunch, did some ranch chores, and decided to make it four in-a-row for the bike ride cross training rides.
It ended up being a good choice and the combination of run/rest/chores/bike has felt quite good over the last number of days. Today's log totals: Run (with some run/walk alternation): 13.52 miles; Bike: 13.4 miles (using the bike odometer -- it might be just a tenth short).

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