Friday, May 29, 2009

Marathon Training - Day 90

Friday, May 29, 2009: It was another sunny warm day in NW Montana. I mixed it up a bit by doing the cross-training biking early in the day (before the wind started kicking up). Intermediate tasks around the ranch kept me from doing my run until later in the afternoon. So, it was warm and sunny for the run today. This warm and sunny trend has resulted in the snow disappearing even from the snow runs on Blacktail Mountain (visible from the running route I decided to choose for today). I have fallen out of my training program a bit, so it also meant I needed to do enough running during the last two days of this week to keep up the mileage goals. The run today was an eight miler as a result. (I just didn't think I could do 16 miles tomorrow). So, out it was for the up the hill to the gate run. A complication for my run was the fact that I blocked a short-hop throw with my leg during my softball night a couple of days ago. A nasty bruise has resulted. In spite of that, I hobbled out and about for the distance. It ended up being a fine run (just a little slow in portions). Marathon log for the day -- Run: 8.1 miles; Biking: 13.6 miles.

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