Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marathon Training - Day 80

Tuesday, May 19, 2009: Clouds were drifting around and about as I began my run today. It was planned to be up the gravel road to the gate again for the 8+ miles that I have been doing for the last couple of days. As I finished the first mile and turned up the gravel road, light rain began to fall. No problem, I figured, I've run in light rain lots of times. But, as I continued the up-the-road run, I noticed the west and north mountains had pretty much disappeared in a veil of white. It was raining harder! At the two mile point (just one mile up the gravel road) I decided it was not going to get better. So, I turned around and ran back down the hill. I had it in mind to run at least eight miles today. With that in mind, I decided if it was not raining too hard, I'd continue down the blacktop past the ranch and do a loop down to the bike trail and come back the back way through the woods.
This was the first time I'd done the bike trail section in a couple of years and since my last run, two bridges have been added to the trail where Ashley Creek runs along the highway and the trail. It looks like the bike trail part has not been completed, but when it is it will help to keep the bike trail from merging with the highway for a stretch of about two miles. In any case, the rain stopped completely as I got back off of the trail and on the roads back to the ranch. I walked about a mile of one of the roads, yet again, gathering some cans into stacks. Let the running log show: 9.2 miles; Bottles and cans: 9 Stacks of at least 5 cans/bottles.

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