Friday, May 15, 2009

Marathon Training - Day 76

Friday, May 15, 2009: This day marks the 'one month left' point in the training program for Grandma's Marathon. It was a perfect running day. Clear sky started the day (although fog hung down in the Flathead Valley). Cumulus clouds began to form during the mid morning by the time I started my run. Although I started the run wearing a wind breaker, I was able to tuck it into its own pocket about a mile or so into the run. Today, I did the Sherman Road out and back up to Lupine gate. For a very special rest stop, I got to tour the new Carr homestead property house. It was very nice! Today, I decided to put the 'lazy legs' of yesterday behind me, and I did several 'fast sprints' while on the run. It actually felt quite good. The light rain of yesterday did not make the gravel section of the road too sloppy.
And, amazingly, there were still some patches of snow near the top of the hill. Also, the ski runs of Blacktail Mountain are still quite evident as the sun and cloud combination highlighted the ski area. Running log: Full run 8.1 miles (6:2 gravel to blacktop ratio).

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