Monday, March 29, 2010

Hills in All Directions ... Up and Down I Run (or Walk)

Sunday, March 28, 2010
High Ho, High Ho ... Over the Hill I Go!

At least one run a week now is a break from the standard run of the week and is the longest run. Today, my training plan called for a ten-miler. I haven't been up and over the pass toward Ashley Lake since last year's training runs. So, today, it was up Batavia Lane / Ashley Lake Road route over the pass (about a 1000' elevation change). As has been the case for most of my runs this year, I did some walking for the uphill sections.
I almost felt like drafting a couple of horses to help me while I was climbing the hill. During the run, and especially during the walking portions I noticed there were fewer cans and bottles along the road than were around last year (I picked up 8 bags full last year). I did gather up some into a couple of three-per-pile groups for a possible later gathering.
Something new on this route since last year was a new access road going up into the wood. I might have to try that on a later run. I alternated walking and jogging as I crossed over the pass just after the Garrison Inn.

The downhill road in the areas just after the pass gave the first views this year of still frozen Ashley Lake.

I ran a downhill section after the pass until a turnaround point where some underground power junction has some boxes along the side of the road. After the turnaround, I walked for some of the uphill back to the pass. After that, it was a good run all of the way down the hills and back to the ranch.
(With just a quick stop to say hello to and take a picture of Pepper. Let the running log show a good 10.46 miler completed!

Friday, March 26, 2010
Again, Running for the summit, through the Summit Gate

Running out and back routes always means there is some uphill and downhill during the run, but when the run is over, all is in balance.
Today's run started with a walk up the woods trail as part of a dog walk. Patti and the dogs continued on the woods upper trail, while I headed out on the Dawson Trail road. I was undecided on the miles I wanted to run, so I just turned on Danielson Road to head out on the Summit route. Just after I completed the first mile, I stopped and talked to a neighbor at her place for a few minutes. After the chat I continued running up the road. This is when I decided to just do a five mile total. I stopped again, just briefly, to photograph some more old farm equipment that is along the road.
With all of the rest stops over for this training run I continued through the Summit Prep gates and up the hill. I did walk some on the uphill but with the extra rest stops I had taken, I decided to extend my mileage a bit further at the "T" where I had turned around on my previous trip up this route. It was high enough in this area that the road was wet with melting snow along the road. I turned around without quite going to the summit again. Just as I turned around I noticed a rock ridge to the north, not far from the road. Since I didn't want to take the time for exploring today,the rock ledge will be something to hike to during a later summit run. The run down the hill was without any rest or photo opportunity stops.

The running log for the day was just over five miles. It was another nicely balanced training run.

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