Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day Running ... Late, but on the Road Anyway

Saturday, May 1, 2010

For whatever the reason, it seemed to take until almost the end of the day today before I decided to lace on the running shoes and get out there. The day was quite a mix of sun and clouds. There were showers moving through the the area from time to time. So, with all of that going on, I almost was going to just forget about going for a run any time today. But, early in the evening, I decided to just get out there and run.

I headed down Batavia Lane and decided to turn on Managhan and head for the bike trail. Getting to the trail was a fine two mile run without much going on. While I was running on the trail, I noticed the hills to the north has some low clouds hanging over them. The run on the trail was for about an mile and a half with a turn toward the clouds and showers as I headed passed Parson's Tractor and up Marquardt Lane. This is the road with the stone castle next to it. Also, there are some large fields along the road that hold a combination of old farm equipment and cattle. Tonight, some of the cattle were close to the road and some of the young ones were hanging out in some of the machinery.

The threatening showers kind of split up as I ran the mile plus to get to Kienas Road. Over the south hills, the clouds billowed a bit as the showers passed by without getting me wet and the sun lit up the evening sky over the hills. It ended up being a good run (not particularly fast) but a good evening outing just the same. During the last section of the run, just before getting back to the ranch, the Longhorns watched as a jogged passed.

-- Mileage log : 6.842 miles

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