Friday, May 7, 2010

New Shoes ... Sunshine ... and a Good Quick Run

Friday, May 7, 2010
Going up the hill for the third eight in a row

The forecast for this morning was for record low temperatures. That didn't quite happen with some overnight cloud cover. There was still some light frost on some surfaces, but not a record low. (Yesterday morning was actually a couple of degrees colder!)

At the time of the run today, there was a mix of clouds and sun. This was an improvement after the cloudy conditions of Wednesday and the rain and snow mix that took place during Monday's run). Today was mostly sunny with a nearly ideal running temperature.

The training course was a repeat of the run up Sherman Road to the Lupine Meadows gate. Maybe it was the new Nike shoes, maybe it was the favorable running conditions, or maybe I'm just getting in better condition. In any case, it was the best running time for the route with the 8.037 miles completed in 1:27:30! (No record setter. I once ran a half marathon in about the same amount of time; but, I was somewhat (much!?) younger then!)

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