Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Routine Running Routes Return

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After the long run outing of a couple of days ago, it was back into a routine running route mode today. The ongoing truck traffic was rolling bright and early today. And, even with a wild weather day that started with snow pellets turning into just snow, the 18+ wheelers continued to take up the main road. The decision to do a 'routine running route' today was therefore, pretty easy: "The Woods Trail" to somewhere that would add up to a six-miler. I had just done the Summit run last, last week, so I ran down the Danielson down-hill instead of going uphill to the Summit summit. It was quite nice with the wind at my back and sunshine off-and-on on my face. Last week, one of the alternate day bike rides had taken us (my wife bikes with me ... she isn't crazy enough to train for and run marathons, though) was down to the bike trail and taking a road that intersects with the trail to do a loop of Smith Lake on Smith Lake Road (of all names). The biking loop was actually between fifteen and sixteen miles. Since I only needed a six-miler to fill my log ticket for today, I knew I wouldn't run the full route and decided to just head out toward Smith Lake Road and turnaround when I reached the six-miler mid-point.
Shortly after I got to the bike trail, I jogged passed the new fire station. As I ran on, the increasing tailwind and decreasing sunlight on my face, should have been a clue for me, but no, it was the turnaround that brought the nasty reality slap. The hills and mountains to the south and west and all of the directions I needed to go to head back to the ranch were all pretty much obscured by a suspicious white cloudiness that was definitely not warm sunlight. Small white pellets were bouncing off of my sunglasses (like I needed them as protection from too bright a condition anymore). But, I did need the safety glasses in any case! Luckily, I was wearing a windbreaker and hadn't dashed away from the mostly sunny ranch wearing just a singlet today! I pulled the sleeves of the windbreaker down as far over my hands as I could pull them. It was still pretty cold. It was also a bit disconcerting to look to the north and east and see sunlight on the hills north of my usual main running road (an option I might have selected if the trucks would not have been rolling today!). Gusts of wind along with bursts of snow pellets continued until I was heading into the last stretch of Managhan Lane. Finally, the pellets stopped (but the wind did not) as I finished the 'home stretch' on Danielson Road. I planned to end the run just at the bottom of the hill as I did a week or so ago when I returned on this route. And, like that trek, I hiked in through the neighboring farm. There was a machine there I had taken s picture of last time that I wanted to see again. The sun had returned as a welcome replacement to the snow pellets. Also, since the farm is close to the woods, the wind was not as apparent.
I decided to walk through the unoccupied farm and take some photographs of the buildings that have often been in my 'daily walk' photos. There was also some additional farm equipment that I took pictures of. It was both interesting, and sad, to see what can happen to a farm when the live beings are not longer around to take care of it. I even found a dead animal among the buildings and equipment. I walked the rest of the way back to the ranch, thankful for my live being status and for the opportunity I have to care my ranch.

Oh, and let the running log show a good routine run route six-miler (if somewhat cold at times).

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Patti said...

Your wife sounds smart not to do marathons! Is she a funny ranch wife? How is she about your training? Probably the most patient woman in the world. I bet she is a great cook!