Monday, April 5, 2010

The Running Plan and Updated Log

Monday, April 5, 2010
Cross Training Day ... And Catchup on the logs (Just the Facts, for now!)

The Running Plan (click image to enlarge)

The Running Log (click image to enlarge)

Sunday, April 4, 2010
No Rabbit Run ... More Like a Turtle! (on Easter Sunday)

Technical Run Highlights
o Up trail
o Danielson to Managhan
o Bike trail to Phanco Lane
o Phanco to Smith Lake Road
o Smith Lake Road to Whalebone Drive
o Whalebone Drive to Dern Road
o Trail back to Batavia Lane
o Batavia back to ranch

- Mixed sun/wind/clouds/cold at times
- Dead skeleton
- Buffalo Mountain Conrad Ranch (Check side story connections)
- Whalebone on Whalebone
- Skunk on Dern
- Some walking after 8 miles jog/walk combo
- Walk across pasture to greet horses

-- Mileage Log: 11.5 miles

--> Photos - Weather at start; Animals or not; Buffalo Mountain; Whalebone

Saturday, April 3, 2010
Is a Treadmill Truly a Dreadmill?

Technical Run Highlights
o Seemed like a good idea due to blustery weather
o Arena temp about 42, so dressed for outdoor running
o Wanted to do 6 miles so set the speed to 6.5 to get it done in under an hour
o Attempt without holding ended after 1 mile (in order to check heart rate)
o Mostly held on for my life for the remaining 5 miles
o Not likely to do more than an hour straight on this machine anytime soon ... would rather suffer the consequences of rain/sleet/snow and wind!
o Original workouts on the treadmill included 10-15 laps of arena in middle of the workout - I didn't do that this time - just did treadmill straight through. Mental note: The switch to running arena laps is a nice break from the treadmill straight through
o Pretty overheated after it was all said and done

-- Mileage Log: 6.0 miles

--> Photos: Treadmill stills

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Run a Good Run without the Slow Walk

Technical Run Highlights
o Trail to Danielson Road
o Danielson Road to Managhan Lane
o Managhan crossing Batavia to Kienas Road
o Kienas to a turnaround at the 3-mile barn

-- Mileage log: 6.1 miles

Photos --> Valley view to Swan Range
--> View to Blacktail Mountain from Kienas
--> Turnaround Barn

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