Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marathon Training - Day 108

Tuesday, June 16, 2009: This is the last scheduled day of marathon training for the upcoming event. It was a pretty disappointing day, running training wise, since I had originally showed a 20 mile run today to end the training. Instead, I was only able to do a walk-run combination for a total of five miles. (But, it gave me a chance to stop and talk to the road-side horses one last time). Something continues to not be right in the muscles/tendons/core of my left leg, so it limited me to stretching walks and short jogs. I didn't think 20 miles of this combination would be of any benefit, so, it was the 5-miler to finish the training program. I was close to the total goals for the period beginning March 1st with my running miles showing a total of 606.6 miles versus the planned total of 617 miles. Not bad over the course of the 108 day training period! Also, I did a bit better with some cross-training biking this year, although, I still did far less biking than I could have. Hopefully, the marathon day will be a good day, both weather-wise and running-wise. I am running as number 177 again this year when Grandma's marathon takes place on Saturday, June 20th. Marathon Log for today: Walk/run 5.3 miles. Training totals: 606.6 miles VS 617 in the training plan!

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