Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marathon Over ... Now, just One Day at a Time

The training period for the marathon is probably the most intense time period during the year. Even when I run a second marathon, the training for the first marathon of the year totally exceeds whatever is done for the second event. After the marathon, I normally do not run at all for at least a week. Sometimes a couple or three. Since I seem to have a lingering injury from the training period this year, it will probably be a couple of weeks without running. I still have an on-going pain in the upper left leg (possibly just some over used tendons or muscles, hopefully nothing more extreme, like a stress fracture or some other hip joint problem). The next couple of weeks should give a better sense as I rest a bit.

Normally, the trip to run the marathon is my only away from the ranch travel of the year. This year, as a quick follow-up, I have journeyed to Missoula for a Senior Men's Softball Tournament at the Fort Missoula Sports Area. The softball event is a good switch from ranch projects that will soon follow (baling, and all other projects related to getting ready for the change of seasons that takes place way too fast).

This is a good life!

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