Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Route to 66: The First 1%

Later: Sunday, March 2, 2014.

Back from the run. The black-top was white-topped; it should appear in a few days, perhaps. I think the plow operators have the day/weekend? off. Not any signs of plowing activity to remove the last 3 to 10" from the running route. It was kind of a single track snow trail for my running event as a result. The highway was somewhat easy as long as I didn't run off the edge. Most of the uphill, once off of the main road, was just a three groove vehicle trail. I only went up 1.5 miles, but the travel usage was less and less and the snow deeper as I got to the turn-around. There was not much other activity: a couple of deer, some horses and cattle eating the round bales that had been rolled out for them, otherwise, just a couple of neighbors clearing driveways or bringing out more bales.

I did not see any other runners!

Now on the Route to 66 with the first one percent of the training plan completed.

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