Thursday, March 20, 2014

Route to 66 - Five Mile Triangle - Reverse Order by dmlipinski at Garmin Connect - Details

Route to 66 - Five Mile Triangle - Reverse Order by dmlipinski at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday, March 15, 2014.

Thanks to Torrie Cat, I got an unexpected day off yesterday (and a trip to the ER on Thursday evening/midnight!).

The Story: Before going for the run on Thursday, March 13th, I was browsing at my laptop as usual during the morning coffee time. One of the ranch cats that has managed to become mostly and 'indoor' cat, was around, as usual, too. She had walked across my keyboard a couple of times so I encouraged her to settle down on my lap, instead. That went well, for the most part, until suddenly, she nipped me with a bite on the wrist. She left my lap after that, and I went and dabbed a little hydrogen peroxide on the tiny tooth hole and did my run followed by normal activities for the day. (A little fencing project was done to keep the new puppy from slipping under a corral fence rail and getting into the corral and outer pastures).

I didn't think anything about the bite until around 4:30 to 5:00 PM after the fencing project was done. After putting away the tools and left over materials, I actually made a snowball or two and held it against my wrist since it was feeling a bit sore. So the day and evening continued until after supper when  I decided to do some internet scans regarding cat bites. I found a couple of articles that were a little (a lot) alarming, but continued on with the evening through the last animal check (after 10:00 PM). By that time, I had mentioned the bite to my wife, and she too read some of the internet articles about the dangers of cat bites. So, it was off to the ER for a late night check! After an anti-biotic IV, and a trip to a 24-hour pharmacy, the day was finally over around 1:30 to 2:00 AM.

Update: No problems after the ER stop. The swelling and soreness in the wrist went away over the next couple of days. And, as of this date (March 20, 2014) all is well. Torrie still resides mostly in the house and probably will not lose her head to science.

The running information: Same as my last run, I just changed the running direction during the triangle portion. It was not easier. In fact, I walked a bit early on while coming up the hill. It was windy again, too! I walked the last half-mile or more (blaming it on finding a basketball) during the up-hill return trip. (Walking is okay while on the route to 66, too!)

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