Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting A Workout from the Barcalounger.

This is an activity I am totally not trained to perform. But, recent events have forced me to try to master the Barcalounger. Normally, this fine piece of furniture has seen little use. Perhaps an hour or so some evenings after finishing ranch chores and other assorted activities (Running, horse riding, hiking, and (ha ha) biking (ha ha). The last of these activities has resulted in my new training program.

The Barcalounger is meant to be a site for relaxation. In my past use, it has been strictly limited to an upright seated position with a southing gliding motion. This location was primarily used as my spot for evening pizza, perhaps a beer or two, and watching a DVD movie or simply pecking away at the laptop. A recent injury has resulted in the Barcalounger becoming a full time location. The requirement for using the Barcalounger in a reclining position has resulted in my new training and workout routine.

During the first evening the Barcalounger was used, my wife simply pulled some kind of special lever, and magically, the glider turned into a recliner. Since I was still withering in a great deal of pain from my mishap, I just went along for the ride and slid into position without noticing anything unusual. When it came time to move to a new location (the bed for the night) my wife again performed the needed steps to seemingly make the recliner smoothly once again become the upright glider chair. Quite simple it seemed.

After an overnight of rest, I was encouraged to return to the lounger to continue the leg elevation position that would accelerate my recovery. Ranch chores, walks, runs, and alas (ha ha) even bike rides, were stricken from the list of permitted activities. Resting was now the prime directive. So it began.

My wife went about the ranch chores for the day, leaving me with instructions to stay put and she'd be back later.

Fifteen minutes later, unsettled anxiety set in as I needed to get something (like a glass of water, book or magazine). I rocked about in the reclined lounger, trying to discover the magic lever to release the reclined position and to return to a sitting position so I could get up. I struggled (in great pain) trying to figure how to swing the lever. Sweat formed over every inch of my body. I kicked at the foot rest, pushed and pulled at the lever. Nothing seemed to work. I persisted. Thumping at the foot support still more and continued wiggling the lever. I hit the magic spot! The chair sprung back into the upright position and flung me across the room and into the wall. I got up shakily. After I regained my senses, I fetched the required items. I quickly cleaned the debris field and covered the body slam marks on the wall with a tasteful tapestry. I was, after all, left with instructions to stay put.

I carefully returned to the Barcalounger, manipulated the lever before getting in, and clumsily slid over the chair arm into the lounger. My panting slowly subsided and I stayed calmly trying not to touch anything on the chair.

This was the most intense workout I'd gotten during the last couple of years. And, although I don't want to repeat the need to use this activity with another injury, I at least have another cross training tool to add to my arsenal.

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