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August Weather and Images Summary

Well, another month is almost over. As I have done in the last couple of months, I've decided to put a copy of my Day to Day in NW Montana blog into this blog, too.

The quick summary for August is this:

o Finishing of the baling season
o Bike crash and recovery period
o Bringing in the firewood for winter
o General ranch chores and maintenance
o Season change in the air with a switch to cooler days and more clouds

Full Image and Day to Day Postings:

08/31/2008 - Mostly cloudy conditions started the day. During the mid morning, the sun broke through for awhile. However, around mid day and into the afternoon, mostly overcast returned. The forecast of rain is still listed for today, but so far showers have not appeared at the ranch.

Green Ranch Paddocks this Morning
View of the paddocks

Mid Morning Sun for the Horses Grazing Pleasure
Mid morning sun and the grazing horses

08/30/2008 - Clouds in the east this morning and since the temperature didn't go down as low as usual, they must have been around for a bit of the night. This looks like another day when the dynamic clouds of the sky will dominate. The day was great throughout the day with a nice trail ride day (no images) and no precipitation in the area of the ranch so far (although in the forecast).

Morning Clouds to the East
Lingering morning clouds

Horses Grazing in Mid-Morning Sunlight
Horses graze framed by tree

08/29/2008 - Today the clouds were picture perfect. Between them, and the animals, I had a hard time deciding on the best images for the day. As a result, I think a slide show of the best of each is warranted. The evening was spent doing a cookout. During that time, Ginger again became the featured animal of the day.

The Sky and Clouds Today

The Animals Today

Ginger (repeats as) the Animal of the Day
Ginger the animal of the day

08/28/2008 - Cool beginning of the day today as the clouds moved away overnight. Another mix of clouds and sun is the major event for today. No additional precipitation so far, but the wind is kicking up a little stronger. So it was, a cooler day (so more wood was cut), but with a good combination of clouds and sun.

Morning Cloud Streaks
Morning cloud streaks

Marco (the cat that is seldom seen), the Animal of the Day (blurred, since he is very shy I needed to do a digital zoom to get a picture of him)
Marco, the cat we seldom see

Afternoon Clouds and Sun
Afternoon clouds and sun

Wisps of Clouds in the Afternoon Sky
Wisps of Clouds in the afternoon sky

Wood Cut, Waiting for Pickup and Splitting
Wood cut waiting for a ride to the splitter

Horses Under Evening Clouds and Sun Mix
Horses under evening clouds and sun

Ginger ... Animal of the Day Number 2 (since the Marco image was a bit blurred)
Ginger, my main dog

08/27/2008 - Light rain early this morning and mostly cloudy conditions hanging on for the start of the day. The weather varied from just a mix of sun and cloud to mostly sunny for a short time and then back to light rain for the evening. Rainbows and colored clouds moved through the evening sky.

Mixture of Views Around the Ranch Today

08/26/2008 - Clouds to the east, but mostly blue to the west for the start of the day. Yesterday's rainfall combined with the overnight amount resulted in a total of 3/10ths of an inch. Not a huge amount, but it did settle the dust for a day or so. The clouds drifted about through most of the day. Temperatures just made it into the 60's as the cool weather hung around all day. (That was good, it made it easier to haul all that wood around).

Morning Clouds After the Rain
Morning clouds after a bit of rain

Bringing in the Wood {D(animal) of the Day}
Daniel, after bringing in the wood!

Still Clouds Hanging About in the Evening
Evening clouds after a mixed sun cloud day

08/25/2008 - Sun started the day again and a good part of the day continued to be mostly sunny. The early evening saw heavier clouds moving into the area. By late evening a light rain has begun to fall and the daytime temperatures have cooled considerably to the low 50's.

Sunrise and Another Mostly Clear Dry Day Begins
Sunrise through some morning clouds

The Animal of the Day, Orpheus Grazing in the Long Grass
Orpheus talking in the tall grass

Building Clouds Over the Herd this Evening
Building Clouds in the Evening Sky

08/24/2008 - We are continuing the string of clear dry days at the ranch. Part of today was spent splitting the wood we brought in from the woods yesterday. My wife did the splitting again as all I did was unload the trailer and stack the wood under the deck. Still another two or three splitting sessions to go before the winter's supply is in place.

Mostly Clear Sunrise Again
Sunrise through thin cloud or smoke layer

Harmony in the Morning Sunlight
Harmony in the morning sunlight

My Wife, again Splitting Firewood
Patti splitting firewood

Tizzy Resting in the Hay Pile
Tizzy squinting through the hay

08/23/2008 - Cool clear start to another good day at the ranch. The horses enjoyed starting the day in a new paddock, and with the cool weather, kicked it up a bit. Later, they were just outstanding in their field ;-). Vincent decided to do a bit of walking on the rail of the deck (The balance beam event is pretty easy for him).

Clear, Calm, Cool Morning View from the Deck
Clear morning view from the deck

Horses, Outstanding in Their Field (corral, actually)
Horses in the corral

Vincent Walking the Deck Rail
Vincent walking the deck rail

08/22/2008 - Mostly clear sky but with the departing clouds from yesterday still around at sunrise. The horses had a chance to enjoy grazing in the workshop pasture this morning. Late morning clouds drifted over the ranch as warmer temperatures returned today after a day or two that reminded us of the fall and winter that will soon arrive.

Sun Appearing Above Departing Clouds
Sun above departing cloud bank

Grazing the Upper Hill
Jonah and Harmony grazing upper hill

Scattered Clouds During a Mild Day
Scattered clouds during the afternoon

08/21/2008 - Another day of mixed rain, sun, clouds, and cool weather. Mostly cloudy conditions started the day. During the morning walk with the dogs, the colors seemed to give some hints of the coming fall. The morning was followed by periods of mixed sun and clouds throughout the day. The evening saw some more rain and a chance to catch an evening rainbow. Still later in the evening, the breaking clouds were highlighted by the final rays of the sunlight.

Cloudy Morning Sky
Cloudy morning sky

Hints of Fall Colors during the Morning Dog Walk
Hint of fall colors while on the morning dog walk

Evening Rainbow
Evening rainbow

Breaking Clouds and Final Sun Highlights
Clouds lit by evening sun

08/20/2008 - Today is the date this year of the August Singularity for the ranch. It is the annual date when there is a definite change to the feel of the seasons. Like a preview to fall. Normally, this only lasts a day or two with a return to summer conditions, but with a feel of changes taking place. Today has been that day with the morning conditions being: cloudy, cooler (about 30 degrees cooler than it was yesterday), and just a touch of rainfall. Cool conditions continued throughout the day and more light rain appeared during the early afternoon and again in the evening.

Cloudy View Northeast and the Only Sun for Today
Morning clouds following sunrise

Continued Cloudy as the Horses Grazed in the Pasture During the Late Afternoon
Cloudy sky continued through late afternoon

08/19/2008 - Smokey start to the day as fires to the west continue. A quick rain shower took place during the middle of the day and forced a stop to the hay pickup task. Later, after the rain, we picked up the last of eleven trailer loads of hay. No more cutting is planned for this year. The baler WILL be fixed / replaced before next haying season!

Smoke in the Morning Sky
Smoke in the morning sky

08/18/2008 - More clear and dry conditions with a hazy tinge in the morning sky. The afternoon was again quite hot with record and near record high temperatures in the area.

Golden Tint Due to Haze and Smoke Today
Sunrise through haze and smoke

08/17/2008 - Clear, dry, and today add hot! My PWS is still showing some random unrealistic drops in temperatures, but the high is usually pretty close to right. This morning, we released the horses into a different pasture with more grass for grazing. Later we spent some time loading the raked windrows onto the flatbed trailer and making a haystack in the old arena. I really need to get that baler fixed! The afternoon got pretty warm, but temperatures are cooling this evening with a drop back down to 70 degrees at 10:00 PM as I complete this daily entry!

Horses at Sunrise in Workshop Paddock Area
Horses on the hill at sunrise

Morning Grazing in Greener Woods Paddock
Morning Grazing in the woods

Loading Hay the Man(woman)ual Way!
Loading hay onto the tailer

Hay Stacked in Old Arena
Hay stacked in old arena

Moving the Hay for Evening Feeding
Moving hay for evening feeding

08/16/2008 - Today is again clear and dry. Did a second cutting of another pasture today. Since the baler is still down for repairs, this grass might just be raked and stacked, instead of getting baled.

Bright Morning Sunrise on a Clear Day
Bright Morning Sunrise

Morning View to the East
Morning view to the east

Dogs Checking out the Raked Windrows in the Pasture
Dog checking out cut pasture grass

Evening View to the East
Evening View to the East

08/15/2008 - Clear dry conditions again today. With cloudless sky and long shadows over the pasture this morning. A return to ranch work with a second cutting of the winter pasture. Later, even though it was again a dog day afternoon, (for the dogs) my wife and I did another round of wood splitting (the dogs rested in the shade). Later, I took a walk with the dogs into another pasture and they stopped to refresh themselves in the horse waterer after the romp in the field.

Morning Clear Sky with Long Shadows Across the Pasture
Clear sky with long morning shadows

A Second Swathing of the Winter Paddock
Cutting Grass in the Winter Paddock

Splitting Wood During a Dog Day Afternoon
Splitting Wood During a Dog Day Afternoon

Titan and Taffy Resting in the Shaded Grass
Titan and Taffy resting in the shaded grass

The Dogs Getting a Drink of Water after a Romp in the Pasture
The dogs get a drink from the horse waterer

08/14/2008 - Clear throughout the day. Dry conditions continuing, too. I was able to do some of the ranch chores today. While out there, the birds were taking rides on the grazing horses.

The Standard Morning View from the Deck
Morning view from the deck. Clear and dry.

Harmony Giving Birds a Ride Today while Grazing
Harmony with birds on and around him

08/13/2008 - Some days, you just can't get up quick enough to catch the best part of the day. Today, I dashed out in my pjs to view some of the sunrise. The colors were gone within minutes, but it was amazing! Just normal clouds existed during the morning views from the deck. Later, ranch work included some excavation work to fix a water leak. (No digging for me yet, so, we called in the heavy machinery). The weather for the day was a passing mix of clouds letting the sun shine through for most of the afternoon.

Golden Sky and Clouds at Sunrise
Golden sky at sunrise

Excavating to Find Water Leak
Digging to find the water leak

08/12/2008 - Back out into the ranch today as I took a morning walk along the trail and kicked it up in the pasture in celebration of the event. Not one to totally dash into a return to all of the ranch work, I watched a couple of deer/dear ones: a buck just resting in the grass and shade, and my wife splitting firewood. It was a good day!

Along the Walking Trail
Along the trail

Dancing it Up in the Pasture
Dancing, just because I can, again

A Dear Splitting Firewood ...
Patti splitting firewood

... is Worth One Resting in the Grass
A buck resting in the grass

08/11/2008 - Mostly cloudy conditions in the morning gave way to broken clouds by mid-morning and just scattered clouds during the afternoon and evening. I am still limping around the ranch but able to tend the flowers and watch my wife as she does all of the chores.

View East from the Deck, Morning, Mid-day and Afternoon

Marigolds Growing Brightly in the Afternoon Sun
Marigolds Glow in the sun

My Wife Doing the Chores Today

08/10/2008 - A mixed day of sun and clouds again today. Just a scattering of rain during the late afternoon. The clouds were streaming across the evening sky just before sunset.

Streaming Clouds in the Evening Sky
Streaming clouds in the late afternoon

08/09/2008 - After a long stretch of dry days, today saw the first precipitation in quite some time. A short shower in the early morning, another in the early afternoon, and finally, a hail and rain event in early evening. I was able to get out for a short time to sight some turkeys, deer, and of course the horses in a tour around the ranch (on the 4-wheeler, not ready for long distance walking just yet).

Hidden Deer in the Woods Branches
Hidden deer in the woods

Blue Sky Hole in the Clouds
Blue sky in a cloud covered day

08/08/2008 - Mixed clouds for part of the morning gave way to thin overcast at mid-day. By evening it appears the forecast rain and thunderstorms went somewhere else since the sky is totally clear. I got out for a quick view from the deck this morning to get some images. Later I zoomed in on the retired (for this season) swather and baler.

Morning Clouds and Pending Sunrise

Swather and Baler Retired for this Season

08/07/2008 - Less cooling overnight with some cloud cover hanging around for most of the morning. During the mid-day, the clouds have broken up and the temperature is rising into and through the upper 80's to and expected low 90's high.

Lingering Clouds at Sunrise
Clouds at sunrise

08/06/2008 - Clear and continued rain free days. But, what would I know? Still, spending some recovery time inside, resting with the dogs. I'll try for some outdoor time tomorrow.

Taffy, Resting Upside Down ... Like My Days Lately!
Taffy, resting upside down

08/05/2008 - Clear again. Dry, too. Quick morning views from the deck was all I was able to do today. Keeping the leg elevated and will see what the docs think this morning.

Morning View to the East
Morning View East

08/04/2008 - Great clear sky again today. The pastures continue to stay green in-spite of the dry conditions. Today, after some regular chores and fire wood cutting, we decided to do a recreational bike ride into town. We did it, but, unfortunately for me, a lapse of attention for a moment resulted in a moving Pole VS stationary pole collision for me (at about 15 mph). This has already resulted in a nasty leg bruise and may take me out of the ranch routine for a couple of days.

Barn in Morning Light and Shadows
Old Barn and Fence Line in Morning Light and Shadows

08/03/2008 - Mostly clear conditions overnight. There was a variable mix of clouds during the day keeping the temperatures in the mid-70's for most of the afternoon. The evening was mostly calm with just some light clouds remaining.

Light Morning Clouds Early in the Day
Light clouds and long shadows in the early morning

Clouds Over Southeast Mountains at Late Afternoon
Clouds to southeast during late afternoon

Trees On the West Hill at Sunset
Trees on west hill at sunset

08/02/2008 - The clouds from last evening hung around through sunrise. They pretty much went on their way during the morning dog walk. The mid-day gave a chance to do some chores, including spreading of some manure. When evening came, after a trail ride, it was time for Patti's mom, age 89 (sorry for telling - but this could be a Guinness Book of Records entry for oldest age for a first horse ride ... who knows?), to have her first ever ride on a horse.

Clouds Again at the Morning Sunrise
Clouds lingering at sunrise again today

A Bank of Clouds Fading Away During the Morning Dog Walk
clouds moving away during the morning dog walk

Ranch Chores ... Spreading the Manure (What Fun!)
Spreading the manure

First Horse Ride for Patti's Mom
Patti's mom on her first horse ride

08/01/2008 - A mix of clouds and sun throughout the day today. Along with that, there was a little breeze and a few deer. It was all I could do not to break out into song.

Morning Sunrise Sky ... with Rays
Morning sky at sunrise with clouds

Evening Sky and Clouds
Evening sky and clouds

Doe ... A Deer ... A Female Deer
The Doe stops for a look at me

Buck Standing Watching Me
Buck standing and watching

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