Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Bruising Day at the Ranch

Well, you can now add me to the "what were you thinking?" injury list.

While on a bike ride into Kalispell yesterday afternoon, I managed to do a Pole vs pole crash. A car had honked at an intersection we were crossing, and I glanced over to see what the problem was. Unfortunately, for me, a pole used to keep motor vehicles off of the bike trail, appeared out of no-where and I clobbered it at 15+ mph with my right leg, just above the knee. I must have done a quick flip, because the only other impact injury is a badly bruised and sore left shoulder blade, collar bone area. No marks on the helmet, so I guess I managed not to knock myself out.

The bike suffered only from a broken mirror on the left side, and for some reason the bicycle computer went wild and gave me credit for speeds of 30+ mph and about twice the distance I actually travelled. We completed the trek into Kalispell and the return to the ranch before I iced things up. So, 15 miles later, my leg was pretty swollen, colorful already, and my shoulder / collar bone area pain makes it difficult to pull a tee-shirt off!

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