Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekly Ranch Roundup

Well, not actually a "roundup", like gathering together cattle or horses or something. Just a quick summary of the events around the ranch for the last week or so.

A mix of weather with on again off again snow on some days. I think the total for the week might add up to less than three inches, but the switch over into warm spring days has not happened. No major projects were started. Just some minor relocation of a couple of gate panels and enjoying the spring break period before the real work resumes.

I continued my running training with a consistent four-miler every other day. I'm mixing in an indoor cycle workout on the non-run days. This will soon change to be an outdoor event (I hope). I haven't been much of a biker the last four years. Pretty amazing considering I was a regular bicycle commuter/recreational tourer and logged 3000 to 5000 miles a year for 25+ years. The move to being 'rancher-dan' changed my routine quite a bit. But, I hope to return to a more consistent and longer bike touring workout this summer. That, combined with the marathon training, ranch work, horse riding, and general tasks should make for a great time.

Well, the sun is shining again after an hour or so of snow squalls. Time to check on the animals again and get something done today.

For a video summary of the Weekly Ranch Roundup, just click the embedded link.

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