Thursday, April 10, 2008

April Showers (of snow pellets) and "click" Another Week

So all of the April Fools pranks went over quite well, I am sure. I know I managed to hook a couple of people with mine. So, I hope anyone that might have tried something had good results.

The struggle for springtime in NW Montana continues. I ran in a couple of snow squall events and also did some horse pasture chores in a nice snow pellet shower. The snow field in the pastures is almost gone. Just about another 30 feet or so and it will be up to the fenceline.

Running training is going fairly well. I am doing the "six" lap now. I don't actually follow any known marathon training guide, so my method has been three sets of 3-milers; four sets of 4-milers; five sets of 5-milers ... you get the pattern! I have still been doing just every-other-day runs with a biking workout (still indoor) sandwiched between. In mid April I will change to two days of run, mix, and each week adding the extra day each week. And, hopefully, move to outdoor biking soon too. (The forecast has 60's plus for the coming weekend), so maybe I will do some outdoor biking. Finally! In my "other life" I biked outdoors during every month of the year!

I still haven't done any major ranch project for this year. Since the frost should be out of the ground I might be able to begin construction of the equipment shelters I want to make for the baler and swather. Those machines have been just sitting out in the weather this winter and I want to put them under a roof instead. I have a good collection of materials left over from other projects that will be used to make the shelters.

No flowers yet ... but, that's what next month is all about!

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