Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Spring Arrives Month

A View from the Deck

Spring is arriving slowly at the ranch, but day by day, changes are apparent. The driveway is all the way back to gravel, and it is almost time to move the horses to the spring pasture. The winter pasture has become tramped down to a mixture of hay droppings and some ice. Since the slope of the land in the area I call the spring pasture provides a faster melt-off, it won't be long before the snow disappears completely from it. The deer have already made an appearance on the Glazier slope, a big hill area just north of the ranch, with upward of 20 grazing during most late afternoons. The total snow pack is reduced with 3 to 4 inches in the sunny areas but still a depth of 10-15" in areas where the sun has little impact.

Deer grazing on the hill
It is just about time to start some outdoor projects. But, the last few days, I have been bringing a box of photo albums a day into the house from the arena/workshop storage area. These albums include many photographs that were packed up more than 10 years ago when mom died and stuff was packed up from her place. (Since I had a pickup truck, I ended up hauling most of the boxes). I'll probably start scanning pictures and putting them into some kind of order. Right now, like most things that are gathered over time, some albums have a combination of 60 year old images combined with more recent (12 year old) photos. It'll be a project.

So, get the indoor things done now, soon it will be outside for almost the full day.

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