Saturday, February 23, 2008

Days Go By

Sunrise over frozen Boorman Creek pond
Well, I haven't exactly done a daily entry afterall. Most of the week has gone by again since last time. It has been a nice week both in terms of weather and in terms of tasks completed. Except for this morning, each day has been a blue sky clear day. Some snow melting but mostly changed back to ice in the morning.

A major emotional fear was overcome with the taking of a couple of horses to the vet ... And their safe return to the ranch. All of the horses get an annual floating of their teeth. This removes sharp points that might have developed over the year. Yesterday, both Goldstar and Corrie were taken. After the procedure was done, they returned to the ranch upright and healthy! (Goldstar, a 20 year old gelding and actually a retired horse that we keep here for a friend, had some issues with itching that turned out to be horse lice. He will need some treatments to cure the problem. Also, he might have Cushing's Syndrome. In any case, some follow-up will be required for him.) Corrie was fine and weighed in at a healthy 1507 pounds. (Maybe even just a bit TOO HEALTHY ... so, I'll have to start working with her soon to trim her back to riding weight).

Not much else new at the ranch. 'Just Another Day'.

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Eric said...

How are things going up there Daniel? Hopefully youre out enjoying the recent spring-like weather..? Bring on the sun..
Take care,