Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost Missed October Completely

Well, it appears this month is flying by so fast that I haven't even sat down to enter a blog note. Although the main busy season is usually summer, this Fall has been a time to catch up on projects and make sure everything is ready for the winter. Since the major water digging project required taking down fencing, the last few weeks have seen the reconstruction of those fences. In some cases, changes were made to where the existing fence lines had been. So, new holes were dug, fencing electric and lighting electric was added or modified, and the final hookup of the waterers was done. Overall, most of the projects have now been completed. But, there's always something!

Overall, it has been a great Fall season. It has been a bit drier than the recorded average, but that has made getting projects done a lot easier. And, so it goes for taking up the time of nearly the entire month. Perhaps I'll do something noteworthy more often in the future and revive the theme of one day at a time.

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