Friday, October 31, 2008

Summary of October Around the Ranch

10/31/2008 - Another month is wrapping up. It was not a very scary day in NW Montana. It started with some high clouds early in the day. At the time, during the morning walk, the horses were walking around the upper pasture. The day became mostly overcast by mid afternoon. The early evening gave the ranch it's first rain in several days. Just enough cloud break-up took place before sunset to give an orange evening color cast to the area. (Perhaps it was the Great Pumpkin setting, instead of the normal sun!?)

Horses on the Upper Hill during the Morning Walk
Horses graze the upper hill this morning

Orange Coloring in the Evening (the Great Pumpkin Setting?)

10/30/2008 - High clouds flowed about through the sky today. The dogs rested in the filtered sun and warm sand as I did a project near them during the afternoon.

Sunrise as the Horses Milled Around the Shelter
Horses near the shelter at sunrise

Titan and Taffy Resting in the Sun and Sand
Dogs resting in the sand

10/29/2008 - Clear sky and fine Fall temperatures here for another day. Some clouds passed through for a couple of hours during the afternoon, but broke up a bit as the day ended.

The Day Breaks Across the Pastures
Breaking sunrise over the pastures

Just Some Passing Evening Clouds
Evening clouds to the northeast

10/28/2008 - Even as the Fall continues to leave, the sunlight on these clear days highlights the color changes of the season throughout the day. Today was another day with a clear sky and added to the great Fall season in NW Montana.

Early Morning Light Highlights the Woods Colors
Morning glow adds to the fall colors in the upper woods

The Fall Continues to Leave
Fall leaves lying in the grass

Afternoon Sun Brightens the Trees in the Upper Woods
Afternoon sunlight on the upper woods

10/27/2008 - The string of clear days is continuing. Today, the temperature was again cold enough in the morning to give a frosty and icy coating to everything. Daytime temperatures again rose through the 50's with dry conditions.

Morning Sunlight and Colors in the Trees
Morning sunlight giving fall colors again today

10/26/2008 - Cold start to the day again. But, with sunshine all day, the temperatures continue to rise into the 50 to 60 range making the great fall days wonderful.

Fall Horse Riding in the Meadow
Riding across the meadow

10/25/2008 - Not as cold overnight as it has been the last couple of days. Mostly clear sky after the sun rose over a cloud bank to the east. It was another beautiful fall day today with the colors of the Tamaracks still glowing in the woods.

Sunrise Over Cloud Bank
Sunrise over east cloud bank

Farm with Tamarack Colors in the Woods
Farm with Tamarack woods behind it

10/24/2008 - The day at the ranch was clear and gave the ground and ranch fencing a coating of frost again this morning. Normal ranch activities included some work with the horses and tending to the other animals.

Morning Frosted Fencing and Ground
Frosty fencing and pastures

Patti working Jonah in the Neighbor's Meadow

A Cat in the Hat -- (Torrie)
Torrie in my cap

10/23/2008 - Another overnight with clear sky conditions resulted in a frosty look to the pastures this morning. Today, I took a field trip to Glacier National Park and to the Hungry Horse Dam with a friend who is visiting the ranch.

Tracks Across Frosty Pasture
Tracks across a frosty pasture

Glacier National Park Looking East Along Lake McDonald
Glacier National Park looking east along Lake McDonald

Hungry Horse Dam
Hungry Horse Dam

10/22/2008 - After a clear frosty start to the day, a sunny and nearly cloud free sky continued throughout. It was a great fall day!

Morning View Framed by the Box Elder Tree
Morning colors under the Box Elder tree

10/21/2008 - The morning started with parting clouds over the hills to the southeast showing a thin covering of snow that fell overnight. Another day of mixed weather took place. There was sunlight mixed with a combination of passing rain and graupel showers. Mid afternoon temperatures in the mid-30's were followed with a breakup of the clouds and afternoon sunshine. The temperature rose to the mid-50's shortly after the clouds broke open again.

Morning Clouds and Snow Showing on Southeast Hills
Morning clouds above snow on southeast hills

Passing Afternoon Rain and Graupel Showers
Passing afternoon rain and graupel showers

Afternoon Sunlight on Trees and Sunning Horses
Afternoon sun on trees and horses

10/20/2008 - Light clouds overnight gave a coating of frost to everything. Just at sunrise, a quick shower passed through. Following that, cloudy conditions with temperatures in the mid 30's hung around for the morning.

Fall Grasses Along Fence Line
Fall grass colors along the upper fence line

Along the Fence Morning Colors
View along the driveway fence line

10/19/2008 - Breaking clouds were present near sunrise today. The pastures were coated with frost during the morning walk with the dogs. As the sun cleared the clouds, the colors of the changing leaves in the creek trees stood out brightly and the horses grabbed a drink at the water cooler. The day remained clear and it made a great day for second hike through the woods and back up to the top of the hill north of the ranch to get some views of the area.

Breaking Clouds at Sunrise
Breaking clouds at sunrise

Leaves of Trees near the Creek Highlighted by Morning Sunlight
Creek trees in the morning sunlight

Aspen Colors at the Fence Line
Aspen colors along the east fence line

View to the Ranch from the Outer Pasture
View of the ranch from out in pasture number 4

Fall View from Up On the North Hill Today
Ranch viewed from the north hill

Good Fall Day for Horse Riding
Patti and Cindy riding Jonah and Wanita in the pasture this afternoon

10/18/2008 - Mild overnight temperatures with clouds keeping the temperatures steady. The morning gave some quick showers. Broken clouds floated through the sky for most of the afternoon. The upper woods continues to show a mixture of colors as the Tamaracks change color before dropping their needles.

Colors in the Upper Woods
Colors in the upper woods

10/17/2008 - Although much of the day was overcast, the sun was out long enough for the horses to enjoy the fall day.

Horses Grazing with Their Shadows in the Sunshine
Horses grazing with their shadows in the sunshine

Jonah Checking the Upper Woods
Jonah look up into the upper woods

10/16/2008 - Overcast conditions this morning. The mountains might even be getting a little coating of snow, at least it looked like flurries in the air in the distance this morning. Even with the overcast conditions, the colors of the fall showed in the trees this evening.

Overcast Morning with Box Elder Losing Leaves
Overcast and falling tree leaves around the Box Elder tree

Continuing Fall Colors in Upper Woods
Remaining colors in the upper woods Tamarack trees

10/15/2008 - The colors began today with the morning clouds. They continued with some views of the changing Tamarack trees from the north hill. But, in a few days, all will be gone.

Color in the Clouds at Sunrise
Color in clouds at sunrise

Changing Tamarack Trees
Changing Tamarack trees

Fading Colors of Fall Around the Ranch

10/14/2008 - A bit of wind blew through overnight. Along with it, came a quick morning shower. This all passed through and resulted mostly clear sky conditions by sunrise. The day was sunny with a nice mix of clouds moving across the sky. It was a great day for a cat to hunt along the creek, and for viewing the fading fall colors.

Vincent Hunting from the Fence
Vincent on the fence post

Sunny Fall Day Scenes around the Ranch

10/13/2008 - A mix of sun and clouds with sunlight winning during the very early daylight, clouds dominating the mid-morning through early afternoon, and sun taking over again in the late afternoon. Not as cold as yesterday and good weather to continue the fall tasks.

Sunrise Just Above the Hills
Sunrise cresting the hills

Early Morning Sunlight on the Creek Trees and Woods
Early sunlight on the creek trees and woods

10/12/2008 - The day started out clear, if a little cold. The rain barrels had over an inch of ice on them as I pumped them out for the season. Time to winterize all around the ranch. Even with the cold, the horses were (as usual) out-standing in their fields.

Corrie Standing by the Gate
Corrie standing by the gate

Harmony Close-up
Harmony up-close

10/11/2008 - Morning clouds got blown away with a bit of a cool breeze today. The day and evening was mostly sunny and temperatures stayed on the cool side for most of the day.

Morning Clouds before Blowing Away
Morning clouds shortly after sunrise

Late Afternoon Sun and Shadows Across the Pastures
Late afternoon sun and shadows

10/10/2008 - The snow is staying south of the ranch (that's okay). So, a bunch of turkeys and I worked in the winter paddock to put up a new light system for the nightly animal check. The weather was sunny, but a bit cool most of the day.

Turkeys (and Goldstar) in the Winter Paddock
Turkeys crossing the paddock

Daniel, at the New Light Pole
Daniel at the new light pole

10/09/2008 - A frosty morning today at the ranch. During the day, as the temperatures hung in the upper 50's (indoors!) it was time to put the first logs in the fire for the season.

Morning View East on a Frosty Morning
Frosty view to the east this morning

First Indoor Heating Fire of the Season
Fire in the indoor fireplace

10/08/2008 - A mostly sunny day today. The clearing conditions overnight caused some light frost in the pastures. Less windy than it was yesterday, so, it was a good day for a little brush cleanup and burning. The horses enjoyed grazing in fresh grass of the winter paddock.

Burning of the Cottonwood Brush
Cottonwood brush fire

Cottonwood Ash Pile
Cottonwood ash pile

Grasses Leaning in the Wind
Grasses leaning in the wind

Horses Grazing in Winter Paddock
Horses graze in the winter paddock near the old barn

Corrie with Sky and Clouds
Corrie up close

10/07/2008 - Cloudy with light rain this morning. Then, sunny with heavier rain in the mid-morning. The forecast is for this to continue but with a bit more wind and the arrival of cooler conditions and maybe even some snow by Friday (10/10) ... But, today was good and what will be will be.

A View through the Tree Vee
A view between the tree trunks

And Wow! ... I get to Live Here
The ranch from the north hill

10/06/2008 - Another mixture of conditions today with clouds and sun traveling through the day. There was just a mist of precipitation that was hardly noticed during the tasks of the afternoon.

Evening Clouds and Some Color Remains
Clouds in the evening sky

10/05/2008 - It was a typical fall day around the ranch today (video slide show) with a combination of clouds, rain, squalls, sun, and the colors of the season.

Ranch Viewed from the North Hill
The ranch viewed from the north hill

10/04/2008 - Clouds with some light rain this morning. The hills in the distance have some light cloud and fog bands moving through the draws.

Featured Box Elder, with Cloud Bands in Distant Hills
Light rain, low clouds and light fog in the distance

10/03/2008 - No golden sunrise this morning. Early morning rain was followed by fog. The mid-morning provided clearing sky conditions and sunshine until mid-afternoon when clouds and another shower passed through the area. Broken clouds and another bit of clearing sky arrived during the evening.

Morning Fog in View East
Fog in a morning view east from the deck

Breaking Fog and Mid-Morning View of Trees and Plow
Breaking fog and mid-morning view of trees and plow

Afternoon Sunlight on Box Elder Tree
Box elder tree in the afternoon sunlight

Mostly Clear in Evening View East
Evening view east

10/02/2008 - Another golden sunrise today. Another great fall day.

Golden Sunrise
Golden sunrise with neighboring farm in light fog

10/01/2008 - The sky just before sunrise gives the hint for another clear mild day in NW Montana.

Color in the Clouds just before Sunrise
Colored clouds just before sunrise

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