Monday, September 22, 2008

Training Terminated

Well, I didn't continue the training routine. Due to some important ranch projects that began on September 11th, I stopped running (biking, and other cross-training, too). Three work days were spent helping the crew putting in new water lines. The rest of the time was used to do ranch maintenance projects. Although, if I had been really motivated, I could have made the time to do the training runs. But I did not ... It may have been just as well though. The marathon was on Sunday, September 20. There was a record rainfall of over 0.80" for Kalispell on that day. Since the marathon was around Whitefish Lake, I expect there may have been close to that amount there, too. And, even though I have run in rain and cold conditions before, it felt pretty good just to have a nice breakfast and read the Sunday papers during the rain event.

(What a wimp, huh?)

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