Sunday, September 7, 2008

Intensive Training Program Continues

Well, I keep giving the crash re-training program a try. I didn't do the planned 3rd six miler or begin the seven milers I planned. Instead, one of the six milers became a joint 2-miler run with my wife. The first 7-miler was also replaced. This with just a 2-mile trail run. But, then I got back onto track again and over the last three days I have put together an 8-10-8 string. Pretty drastic and unconventional training program, even for me, but I'm trying to replace almost 4 weeks of lost training with a quick 20 day program. This is make or break it week, with more 8-milers plus required to keep up the training going. I'll just do one day at a time, and see how the training goes. That will tell me if I'll be ready within the 20-day training period.

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