Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time Gone by ... And the "Route to 66 Begins"!

I just stopped by my own blog today for the first time in a long time. It made me wonder what happened after June 2010 and during the rest of 2011? Then 2012 just went by followed by 2013! Incredible! Amazing! Where does the time go? I'll have to go back through my memory and try to fill in the missing parts. Anyway, the main reason for checking in today was because soon, I begin another training period to run another marathon. It is hard to believe, I now have been running for almost one-half of my life! So, this year, as I am on "The Route to 66" I plan to document my training progress. For, indeed, it is a little different now than when I was 33! Over that time span, I have run a lot! Back in the early days, it was almost a weekly 10k or two. Now, I seldom run anything except the training runs and the marathon. So, in a couple of days, "The Route to 66" begins! I will try to keep up and make this another fun run!

UPDATE: Oh, and after I posted this the first time I noticed a lot of my old entries have gone bad due to missing links to videos. This was a result of YouTube flagging some of my videos because I used a 'soundtrack' as part of the video. So, I deleted or disabled the video over there and it killed the link I had here in my blog. Over time, I plan to go back and redo the videos without the soundtrack. That will bring the blog posts back to life. It is not real high on my to-do list right now, but, eventually, it will be done!

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