Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day -- Repeat of 2008 -- But it is worth it.

Flag of the United States of America

To all who have served and to all who are now serving in military service to our nation: Thank you for your service for the United States of America.

During an unpopular time, two of my brothers, and I, all served in the military service for the United States of America. It was a time of unrest in the country. There was an ongoing, unpopular war. There was no Pearl Harbor and there was no 9-11, to stir the nation patriotically and make the option of military service one of desire and honor. In spite of that, three of us from one family found ourselves in military service. Lee, the youngest, volunteered, and signed up into the United States Air Force in January 1968. Robert (Bob) received a draft notice in 1968 while working for Sperry Rand in Phoenix, Arizona. I received a draft notice as my first piece of mail after returning from my honeymoon. My service in the United States Army began on September 28, 1970.

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Bob in Viet Nam
Robert's Service Summary:

o United States Army : December 1968 - December 1971
o Fort Campbell, Kentucky : Basic Training
o Fort Gordon, Georgia : Advanced Individual Training (AIT) 35n20(auto Stab) and 102f5 CH-54 Flying crane
o Fort Gordon Instructor 06/1969-03/1970 Flying Crane
o Phu Loi RVN 04/1970-04/1971 Cobra flight line tech then shop NCOIC 334AWC
o Stuttgart Germany 05/1971-12/1971 flight line tech then line chief 129th Trans Co.
o Final rank Specialist 5 (E-5)

Daniel's Service Summary:

o United States Army : September 1970 - March 1972
o Fort Knox, Kentucky : Basic Training
o Fort Bliss, Texas : Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Nike Hercules Guided Missile Crewmember
o 03/1971 - 03/1972
o Vicenza, Italy transferred from Guided Missile Unit to Military Pay Specialist
o Tirrenia, Italy Military Pay Specialist
o Final rank Specialist 5 (E-5)

Lee's Service Summary:

o United States Air Force : January 1968 - October 1975
o Lowry Air Force Base, Denver Colorado
o Overseas service with two tours of duty in Thailand

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