Monday, August 31, 2009

Cutest Dogs in My Life

Just adding this here to take it out of the WUG Blog. It didn't really fit into the Day by Day in NW Montana idea, anyway. I don't expect to get thousands of votes here, either (I think I'm the only one that looks at this blog) ... no matter, it helps me to log some things that I would forget otherwise.

So, here, cut from the pages of the Weather Underground Blog is my entry for the cutest dog contest. You can also search the gallery and vote for my Ginger, too. It will be easy to pick here out, she is the cutest one in the group!

Taffy's Baby Picture (October 18. 2004) --|-- Taffy, trying for the Puppy Pose (August 25, 2009)
Taffy's baby picture from 2004 | Taffy at 5 plus years old, still cute!

Since the 'Cutest Dog Competition' link is sometimes broken, I decided just to put some images of Taffy here. If you would have voted for her (except for the web-site problems, needing to register your e-mail, and all that other stuff) just leave a comment here instead if you would like. Thanks!

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