Friday, July 3, 2009

Beginning of the Trilogy: Swathing, Raking, Baling

I. Swathing: (July 2, 2009)

The first phase of the three step grass processing began today. I swathed the winter paddock and corral and the area around where the baler, swather, trailer, and other equipment resides. This is step one of the trilogy that goes into making hay. I need to rake during the next day or so, and then see if the baler is going to work. Since I broke the needles on the baler late during the last baling season, I need to see if the replaced needles will work. Actually using the equipment is really the only way to test it. So, hopefully, the needle action will be correct, knots will be tied, and hay bales will drop out of the back of the baler. I should know the result in a couple of days!

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